Audit & Compliance

Instantaneous oversight across all IT administrator activities with simple mouse clicks

Nuvolex builds on the compliance and security controls within Office 365 to help you meet regulatory requirements for your business. Monitor administrator and support activities across your tenants from a central location.

Automatically record all administrative activities

Nuvolex automatically tracks all IT administrator activity to ensure that your audit and compliance needs are met. Anytime an administrator performs any function on Nuvolex, the platform tracks and saves the action to the activity log. Activity logs can be exported for archival or use in existing change management or compliance workflows.

Gain granular visibility and real-time monitoring of changes made by IT administrators

Nuvolex tracks administrative activity at the most detailed level. Whenever there is an action taken on the Nuvolex platform by an IT administrator, that action is tracked with extensive details – what action was taken, who took the action, what date/time, what was the result…

With this granular information, you can perform ongoing risk assessments, provide actionable insights and simplify your compliance processes.

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