Enhanced Role-Based
Access Control

Create custom roles for each IT administrator

SaaS applications like Office 365 are typically limited in the number and type of administrative roles they support. These restrictions hamper enterprise and CSP efforts to create roles that are appropriate for their organizations and to assign IT responsibilities in the way that makes the most sense for their business.

Our granular, customizable role-based access control approach eliminates this issue. We allow you to define the administrative roles that work for your organization and then apply the appropriate management scope and access permissions to each role.

Delegate administrator access rights based on familiar AD domains and OUs​

Every SaaS application has a unique approach to role-based access that is different from other SaaS applications. The result is inconsistent access rights for IT administrators who manage multiple SaaS applications.
These issues disappear when you use Nuvolex. You group your administrators by function or organizational boundary as you see fit. You can automatically group users in Organizational Unit (OU) hierarchies that mirror the on-premise OUs in Active Directory, then run policies against those OUs and explicitly limit administrative scope to specific tenants and OUs.

Administrators can only manage the tenants, users, and rights that are associated with the role you have assigned to them, protecting your organization from too much administrative freedom.

Define the specific actions that IT administrators can perform

Role-based access control from Nuvolex provides the granularity IT organizations need to specifically define the actions each IT administrator is permitted to take. For example, IT administrators can be restricted from functions such as resetting passwords, managing groups, changing user identity, and configuring mailboxes. This extensive flexibility gives organizations the ability to design the principle of “least privilege” into their administrative models.

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