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Overcoming SaaS Management Complexity

Large organizations can wind up with a significant amount of Office 365 administrative complexity that the IT staff must address. There are a number of contributors to this situation, which results in slow response times by Help Desk staff and costly inefficiency:

  • Large numbers of employees to be managed
  • Employees distributed across business units, tenants, AD domains and different global locations
  • Users base is spread between SaaS applications and the on premise environment
  • Requirements for multiple IT administrator levels with defined roles and granular administrative access rights for every SaaS application
At Nuvolex, we crafted our SaaS application management solution to simplify administration of complex, globally distributed organizations. With our platform, both on-premise and cloud users can coexist within the same administrative user interface, allowing IT staff to manage both user types concurrently.

The platform excels in managing large numbers of users, whether they’re distributed across multiple Office 365 tenants, AD domains, Organizational Units or geographical locations. And with the Nuvolex enhanced role-based access control and delegation capability, each IT administrator responsible for managing the enterprise’s Office 365 tenant is given granular control of  access rights.

Service Automation

Enterprise IT needs to keep pace with user service requests while also working on more complex IT projects and implementing new services. Daily Office 365 administrative tasks can range from new user onboarding and offboarding to a variety of user profile changes. Typically, each task requires either manual IT administration or the creation of complex PowerShell scripts to update numerous users at once or automate provisioning tasks. But with Nuvolex’s extensive service automation, IT organizations can now remediate significantly more end-user service requests without an increase in IT headcount.
Nuvolex automates and streamlines the most common daily administrative tasks, allowing IT administrators to do more in less time with minimal effort. IT administrators can apply licenses, adjust mailbox settings, and manage user attributes for many thousands of users at once with just a few mouse clicks.

Privileged Access Management

Management in the cloud creates new security challenges for how enterprises delegate and control privileged access. Enterprises are being forced to fit inside the constraints of SaaS application administration portals when managing privileged access, which necessitates changes in corporate policies and procedures for daily SaaS application administration.

At Nuvolex, we believe in giving control back to the enterprise. So we provide customized role-based access controls that ensure appropriate levels of consistent administrator access to your enterprise user base and the SaaS applications they consume.

Nuvolex tenant, AD domain, and OU role-based access controls allow you to delegate administrator access to any organizational segment of users, ensuring that administrators execute only the functions required to do their jobs. Privileged Access Management helps enterprises maintain the level of security and compliance they need without having to change governance policies or internal security controls.

Hybrid Identity Management

The Nuvolex platform aggregates multiple AD domains and Office 365 tenants into a single management console where IT administrators can easily manage all users, groups, and tenants across all identity boundaries. There is no longer a need for enterprises to consolidate AD domains to ease Office 365 administration. Along with unified administration across all AD domains and Office 365 tenants, IT organizations can also unify access and control of all their AD domains and cloud service tenants with simple button clicks, bringing your entire hybrid identity environment into a single, easy-to-use management console.

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