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How do I use the Nuvolex platform?

The Nuvolex platform is a SaaS solution that is hosted on Azure and managed by the Nuvolex team.

Where is the Nuvolex platform Hosted?

The Nuvolex platform is hosted entirely in Azure

How can I start using the Nuvolex platform to manage my Office365 tenant?

Sign up for a trial by requesting a Nuvolex account HERE. When your nuvolex account is created onboard your office365 tenant data using your Office365 Global Administrator credentials

How do I integrate my on premise AD environment with my tenant on Nuvolex?

The Nuvolex platform uses a proprietary software Agent to connect to your AD environment.

What services do you support on the Nuvolex platform?

Today we support AzureAD, on premise AD identity management and Exchange Online.

Do I need to change anything in my Office365 tenant to use Nuvolex?

Not at all. The Nuvolex platform is build to handle any kind of tenant configuration

Do I need to change anything in my on premise environment to use the AD Agent?

There should not be any environmental changes required to use the AD Agent. Occasionally customers need to modify firewall rules since the Agent communicates externally using HTTPS. Most of the time the HTTPS port is open and configured to accept traffic. 

How quickly can I get up and running on the Nuvolex platform?

You can be up and running on the Nuvolex platform in under 1 hour. You only need to do 2 tasks to get going on Nuvolex: onboard your Office365 tenant and create admin accounts for your team. Of course there are additional configurations you can work on over time such as OU policies and integrating with AD.

Do I need to know or use PowerShell to use the Nuvolex platform?

No PowerShell required, ever. The nuvolex platform replaces the need for powershell for Office365 management.

Can I use the Nuvolex platform to manage Dynamics and other Office365 licenses?

Absolutely. You can use the Nuvolex platform to easily manage any licenses and assignments for licenses available  in your Office365 tenant.

How many tenants can I manage on Nuvolex

The Nuvolex platform is a multi tenant management console that can handle virtually any number of tenants.

Do I need to make Nuvolex Admin accounts for all my IT Admins?

Yes, Nuvolex admin accounts cannot be shared between IT staff members. There are technical limitations that prevent a Nuvolex admin account to be used more than once. Also, for auditing purposes it’s best to have each IT staff member login with their own Nuvolex admin account.

How does the Nuvolex platform authenticate to my tenant?

The Nuvolex platform authenticates to your tenant using a a Global Administrator user account that is provided by you, and a service principal that the Nuvolex app creates in your AzureAD tenant. 

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