IT Workflow Automation

Enable your team to create an action one time, and execute it across multiple users and groups

Office 365 does not offer powerful, flexible functionality to update multiple users at the same time. Updating multiple users through the GUI is tedious and writing PowerShell scripts is complex and not a task for Help Desk staff.
The Nuvolex platform gives your team the bulk modification capabilities they need. Updating license assignments, mailbox settings, or user attributes for any number of users is done with a few simple mouse clicks.

Manage user attributes and mailboxes using a powerful and highly intuitive interface

The native Office 365 administration console does not satisfy the management requirements for most large, complex organizations.
Nuvolex streamlines daily administration and Office365 support tasks through a highly intuitive interface designed with industry standard User Lifecyle Management practices at its core. Equip your team with the tools they need to keep your digital workspace productive.

Reduce dependency on complex, brittle PowerShell scripts

PowerShell scripts are a good option if you simply need a small amount of automation or custom reporting, but they are not ideal for large, complex enterprise environments. PowerShell scrips are prone to breaking and require specialized knowledge to build, execute, and troubleshoot securely.

The Nuvolex platform brings automation intelligence to administrative processes that normally would have involved scripting or multiple manual steps in the Office365 administration portal. For example, Nuvolex leverages provisioning policies to efficiently onboard employees with the correct resources and compliant configurations. 

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