Gain insight into Office 365 usage.

You need the ability to generate real-time reports on all user activity across your Office 365 tenants in order to monitor service adoption and keep track of license costs.

Nuvolex provides out-of-the-box reporting, well beyond what is available in the Office 365 administration portal.  Our platform also provides the ability to create customized reports to fit your business needs.

Run reports on demand and take immediate action

Limited reporting leaves you without sufficient actionable information. Scripted reporting leaves you without real-time information.

Nuvolex gives you the power to generate reports on demand, with the latest information, allowing you to take immediate, informed, and data-driven action. Whether that’s [example], [example], or something else (sample action(s) you might take based on the real-time data that’s available), you can resolve the issue in near real time.

Track licensing and monitor service usage

Generating usage reports across multiple tenants and SaaS applications is typically a time-consuming and manually intensive task. But this critical data must be reviewed often to ensure efficient resource utilization. This situation calls for accelerating the cross-domain reporting so you can frequently check usage levels and  license availability.

With usage data aggregated into a single place using the Nuvolex platform, that’s exactly what you get. Management teams now can gain visibility across multiple tenants and OUs in just a few clicks. Having this breadth of information at your fingertips saves your organization time and money while helping you insure users have access to the SaaS applications they need to remain productive.

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