Audit & Compliance

Instantaneous oversight across all IT administrator activities

ManageX builds on the compliance and security controls within Microsoft 365 and Azure to help you meet regulatory requirements for your business. The ManageX platform automatically monitors and records administrator and support activities across all your Microsoft 365 and Azure tenants being managed from one central location.

Automatically record all administrative activities across all services

ManageX automatically tracks all IT administrator activity for Microsoft 365 services like Exchange, and SharePoint, as well as Azure infrastructure and Intune device actions to ensure that your audit and compliance requirements are met for all the workloads you manage for your customers. Anytime an administrator performs any action on the ManageX platform, the platform automatically captures and saves the action in an activity log.  Activity logs can be easily exported for archival purposes or used in existing change management or compliance workflows.

Gain granular visibility of all transactions with real-time monitoring of changes made by IT administrators

Whenever there is any action taken on the ManageX platform by an IT administrator, the action is tracked and captured, providing extensive details:

  • What administrative action was taken
  • Against which Microsoft 365 service, user, Azure VM, Intune Device
  • Which IT administrator performed the action
  • Which Customer Tenant was effected
  • What date/time did the action take place
  • What was the result

With this level of granular information, you can perform ongoing risk assessments and generate actionable insights in order to simplify your compliance.