Nuvolex ManageX™ for
Cloud Service Providers

Increase profitability of your Microsoft cloud managed services business using ManageX™ extensive IT service automation platform

With the ManageX™ Multitenant XaaS Management platform, Cloud Service Providers are now able to easily and very cost-effectively deliver Microsoft 365 and Azure managed services to their entire customer base using simple mouse clicks. Extensive service automation built into the ManageX™ platform, combined with a highly intuitive User Interface enables Cloud Service Providers to realize significant productivity gains in their services delivery. IT administrators can now successfully handle a majority of the Microsoft 365 and Azure administrative tasks when using the ManageX™ platform, freeing up IT staff to focus their efforts on other valuable IT services for their customers.

Multitenant Management via “Single Pane of Glass” administration portal

CSPs are often challenged with how to quickly remediate a diverse set of Microsoft 365 and Azure service requests coming in from a wide range of customers. To be highly responsive to these service requests requires well-defined and highly automated remediation processes designed to get the job done accurately and fast.

ManageX seamlessly integrates all your customers’ Microsoft 365 and Azure tenants, delivering a management portal that enables IT administrators to easily access and manage all customer tenants using a single portal. IT administrators can quickly toggle between customers –  managing users identities, licenses, end user devices, Microsoft cloud services and Azure infrastructure. 

Combining all managed customers in a single console with simplified administration helps Cloud Service Providers streamline Microsoft 365 and Azure management, saving IT administrators a significant amount of time and effort.

Automate Remediation of Daily Service Requests

Your CSP IT staff is required to perform various types of Microsoft 365 and Azure service requests every day across a number of end customer tenants. Diverse requests like user identity management, license updates, group changes, device configurations and infrastructure provisioning and management require multiple logins and administration across a number of different admin portals. Remediating these diverse tasks consume considerable IT staff time, driving down efficiency and increasing service remediation costs. As a result, Cloud Service Providers struggle to scale their Microsoft 365 and Azure managed services business without increasing their service delivery costs.

That’s where ManageX™ comes in. We heavily automate daily service administrative tasks across the entire Microsoft cloud stack through advanced workflows. Combining ManageX™’s extensive service automation with our highly intuitive multitenant user interface enable IT administrators to quickly and very cost effectively handle a diverse scope of Microsoft 365 and Azure service requests in just a matter of simple mouse clicks.

Advanced Role Based Access Control

Cloud Service Providers managing multiple customers that range significantly in size, complexity and the types of Microsoft cloud services they consume. With multiple IT teams supporting a diverse set of customers, controlling access to customer data by enforcing strict access rights and administrative boundaries is a must.

ManageX offers Cloud Service Providers great flexibility in how IT administrators access your managed customers. With the ManageX platform, administrators can be delegated to one or many customer tenants, AD domains, Organizational Units and even be limited to specific actions they can take on a per workload basis.  Enforcing consistent and strict privileged access rights ensures that IT administrators have the right level of administrative privileges and can access only the customer tenants, users and Microsoft services for which they are responsible.

Cloud Service Providers & ManageX™

Nuvolex works closely with the Microsoft CSP and OCP program to bring you solutions that keep up with the pace of Microsoft and their partners. Much of the functionality built into the ManageX platform focuses on the needs of Microsoft CSPs who are managing multiple customers that consume any range of Microsoft 365 services and Azure.

Managing multiple Microsoft 365 and Azure customers using the ManageX platform is the easiest and most profitable way to provide highly responsive service management for your managed customers.

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