Nuvolex ManageX™ for Education

Managing Microsoft 365 and Azure for Education Customers

Cloud Service Providers and System Integrators managing Educational institutions can now maximize the value of cloud technology to their customers while reducing costs and management complexity. Using the ManageX platform’s extensive service automation and streamlined administration, ManageX allows you to easily deliver the Microsoft cloud service needs of students, faculty and staff.

Easily onboard and offboard thousands of students, faculty and staff with simple mouse clicks

Whether your educational institution is on a quarter or semester system, the academic year can have a very disruptive impact on your IT organization. ManageX can help you avoid seasonal disruptions, especially around student onboarding and offboarding, allowing your IT staff to deliver a great experience during this critical period of the school year.

With the ManageX platform, new user and device provisioning and deprovisioning becomes consistent, highly automated and extremely fast. The platform allows you to easily create user groups as well as customized provisioning policies that automatically assign new students, faculty and staff licenses, attributes, mailbox configurations and groups, as well as provision and configure end user devices.  All of this is done with simple mouse clicks.

Easily manage EDUs of any size across the entire Microsoft 365 and Azure cloud stack

Cloud Service Providers and System Integrators managing multiple Educational institutions can use ManageX™ to simplify administration across the entire Microsoft cloud stack. IT administrators can easily organize EDU tenants into a heirarchical OU structure that represents different school districts, individual schools or even classrooms.  The ManageX™ platform can also easily integrate with the OU structure from on-premise AD so that you can leverage your existing AD-OU hierarchy across all Microsoft 365 and Azure services that your EDU customers consume.

Update license and attributes of many thousands of students, faculty and staff with simple mouse clicks

Updating thousands of students or various groups of faculty and staff with changes to licenses, permissions can be an extremely tedious task.  In the past, this required the generation of complex PowerShell scripts to bulk update large volumes of users.

IT administrators using the ManageX platform no longer have to worry about that.  They now have extensive bulk update capabilities readily available to them requiring no PowerShell scripting. Pushing a bulk update to many 1000s of users across Microsoft 365 services is as easy as selecting users, choosing what to update and clicking “submit.” You can change license assignments, mailbox settings, SharePoint and OneDrive permissions and Teams configurations for thousands of users in just a handful of clicks.  It really is that simple!

Delegation of EDU IT administrators

Nuvolex ManageX™ enables Cloud Service Providers and System Integrators managing multiple educational institutions to delegate access to one or many managed tenants, Microsoft 365 services and even as granular as setting end user access scopes. IT administrators can gain rights to the managed tenants and sets of users they are responsible for while being restricted from accessing any tenants, users and Microsoft 365 and Azure services outside of their delegation scope. In this way, ManageX™ helps you enforce consistent and strict privileged access rights for all IT administrators on your team. ManageX™ also takes cloud service Role Based Access Controls a step further.  You can specifically define the administrative actions IT administrators are allowed to perform on a function-by-function basis.