Nuvolex ManageX™ for Government

Microsoft 365 and Azure Management for Government agencies

Cloud Service Providers and System Integrators that manage Government agencies have unique technical, organizational and regulatory requirements to consider. Whether your government customers are looking to modernize IT with the adoption of Microsoft cloud services like Microsoft 365 and Azure or streamline administration across all Microsoft services, Nuvolex has put together a secure platform to address the complex IT requirements of your managed government customers.

Delegate and control access to Microsoft 365 and Azure services data

Easily meet the strict compliance standards of your government customers through ManageX Advanced Role Based Access Control capability. Your government customers at the federal, state and local levels require strict delegation and very granular IT administrator access rights for all the Microsoft cloud services these agencies consume. With ManageX, Cloud Service Providers and System Integrators can easily accomplish this with our Microsoft 365/Azure administration platform. Your IT staff can manage diverse government customers with confidence knowing that administrative access is securely scoped to align with compliance requirements.

Consistent management automation across all Microsoft 365 and Azure services

Nuvolex ManageX™ helps government agencies gain IT efficiencies through platform-based service automation that spans the complete Microsoft 365 and Azure services stacks. Whether you’re onboarding or offboarding users, configuring end user devices, or provisioning Azure infrastructure, ManageX™ only requires simple mouse clicks, so that your IT staff can be highly productive and responsive to all agency service requests.

Track IT administrator activity

Cloud Service Providers and System Integrators  managing government customers must meet security needs and comply with the required legal, regulatory, and technical standards. ManageX’s platform audits all IT administrator activity in real time to help meet the requirements of your managed government customers. Administrative auditing is a default setting that cannot be disabled, mandating the tracking of every administrator change made to users identities, mailboxes, groups, licenses, permissions, Azure Infrastructure and much more. This audit log can be exported, archived or processed by your existing change management and compliance processes.

Flexible Deployment Options

The ManageX™ platform currently resides in Azure.  For other hosting and deployment options, contact