Nuvolex ManageX™ for All Industries

Industry Agnostic 

Whether you are a CSP managing Enterprise, SMB, Government or Educational institutions – the ManageX platform will enable you to  decrease your cost of delivery and management complexity while boosting your overall security posture.  Using the ManageX Multitenant platform’s extensive service automation and streamlined administration, ManageX allows you to easily deliver  Microsoft 365 and Azure Cloud Services. 

“Single Pane of Glass” Administration

  • Easily manage all customers’ users, licenses, groups, devices, services and cloud infrastructure with simple mouse clicks.
  • ManageX™ platform uniquely aggregates multiple end customer tenants and all the cloud services they consume into a single management console
  • ManageX™ eliminates the need for complex PowerShell scripts to perform routine management of tenants and users as well as logging in and out of multiple portals to do so.  

Service Automation

  • Microsoft admins deal with on a daily basis user administration tasks, device troubleshooting and configuration or even provisioning new VMs.
  • Typically, this requires complex IT intervention or creation of powershell scripts to complete.
  • Whether you’re onboarding or off-boarding users, configuring end user devices, or provisioning Azure infrastructure, ManageX™automates and streamlines these tasks andonly requires simple mouse clicks to complete 
  • ManageX™ also enables you to bulk update users, licenses, attributes and policies across any number of users as well as perform cross-tenant bulk updating

OU Management and Creation

  • ManageX™ is a hybrid solution, enabling you to easily integrate with the OU structure from on-premise AD so that you can leverage your existing AD-OU hierarchy across all Microsoft 365 and Azure services. 
  • ManageX™ also allows you to create native OU’s within the platform to leverage OU policies for cloud-only Microsoft 365 and Azure services 

Advanced Role Based Access Control

  • Privileged access management helps maintain the appropriate level of security and compliance across all industries 
  • Easily delegate granular access control down to the very action (ie reset passwords) for all of your admins to restrict unwanted changes and malicious behavior 
  • With ManageX™, Cloud Service Providers no longer need to hand out Global Admin rights to all IT Techs, increasing your overall security posture exponentially.