ISV Partner

Integrate ManageX™ SaaS Application Management Engine

ISVs can integrate ManageX‘s powerful Multitenant XaaS Management Engine right within their own applications. Get deep integrations with the entire Microsoft cloud stack as well as extensive automated workflows that can easily support daily administration of an unlimited number of tenants and users, as well as support for unlimited per tenant transactions. This can all be done leveraging the ManageX API.

Leave the Heavy Lifting to Us

Integrating ManageX with your existing application allows you focus more on evolving you own unique IP, rather than spending valuable development cycles on already existing XaaS Management technology.  ISV partners can dramatically increase the value of their SaaS application portfolio through a seamless integration.

Multiple SaaS Applications, One API

ManageX is already integrated with the full Microsoft 365 and Azure cloud stack. Your application can gain Microsoft cross-service support quickly and through a single uniform API. Rather than having to build integrations to each market leading SaaS application, Partners can leverage the full power of ManageX from a single endpoint.