IT Workflow Automation

Perform multiple license and attribute assignments across any number of users with a few simple mouse clicks

The built-in administration tools found in Microsoft 365 lack the ability to make bulk license and attribute changes and apply those changes across multiple users within a tenant. Writing PowerShell scripts to perform these bulk license and attribute assignment is extremely complex and not scalable.

The ManageX platform allows your team to easily perform bulk license and attribute modifications. ManageX‘s SuperClick™ batch automation provisioning engine enables your team to push bulk updates to any number of end users for any Microsoft 365 service in few simple mouse clicks.

Easily manage users, devices and VMs across all Microsoft 365 and Azure services using a very powerful and highly intuitive administration portal

The native administration toolset that comes with each Microsoft cloud service does not satisfy the complex management requirements of Cloud Service Providers and System Integrators.

ManageX™ streamlines daily Microsoft 365 and Azure administration tasks through a highly intuitive interface, designed to simplify the complexity of managing multiple Microsoft 365 and Azure services across multiple end customer tenants with varying configurations and requirements. Equip your team with the tools they need to be more productive delivering Microsoft 365 and Azure services to your customers.

Manage multiple SaaS applications, VMs and devices from one place

ManageX™  consolidates the various administration portals and management tasks from Azure AD, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Skype for Business, OneDrive, Teams, and Intune into a single easy to use management portal. IT administrators also leverage the ManageX™ platform to manage Azure VMs, networking and storage accounts. ManageX™ equips IT administrators with a comprehensive and very powerful tool set that helps them complete administration requests quickly and with minimal effort.

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