License Management

Simplified Microsoft 365 license management

When using any of Microsoft’s cloud administration portals, license assignments can only be done at the  individual user level.  Any kind of bulk license assignment capability has to be done through the creation of complex PowerShell scripts. After initial license assignment, modifications to users and licenses require additional manual or scripted effort.

ManageX‘s SuperClick™ batch automation engine can help you easily assign any Microsoft cloud license to an unlimited numbers of users in just a few simple mouse clicks.  You can easily assign or modify licenses for any number of users – whether it’s an individual user, users in AD domains, OUs or users across an entire tenant – any type of user license assignment is done with simple mouse clicks.  ManageX completely eliminates the need for complex scripting to assign or update any Microsoft cloud licenses.

Automated license assignment

The ManageX™ platform heavily automates license assignment as well as license modifications for end users by leveraging Organizational Units from Active Directory as well as cloud based Organizational Units. By assigning any Microsoft 365 licensing policy to an Organizational Unit, IT administrators can make instant bulk license and attribute changes to any groups of users in a tenant with simple mouse clicks.

License consumption reporting and analytics

ManageX gives IT administrations insights into how Microsoft 365 licenses are deployed and consumed across your customer base. IT administrators can drill in on an individual customer to gain granular license consumption details or get an aggregated license consumption overview across all customers under management.