Service Automation

Perform multiple license and attribute assignments across any number of users with a few simple mouse clicks

  • ManageX™‘s batch automation provisioning engine enables your team to push bulk updates to any number of end users for any Microsoft 365 service in few simple mouse clicks.
  • Easily Update any number of users with licenses, assignments and access to M365 resources
  • Apply bulk updates for tenant policies and configurations across multiple tenants in just clicks


Easily manage users, devices and VMs across all Microsoft 365 and Azure services using a very powerful and highly intuitive administration portal

  • Streamlines daily Microsoft 365 and Azure administration tasks through a highly intuitive interface
  • Simplify the complexity of managing multiple Microsoft 365 and Azure services across multiple end customer tenants with varying configurations and requirements.
  • Consolidation of the various administration portals and management tasks from Azure AD, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Teams, Intune, and Azure into a single easy to use management portal

Manage multiple SaaS applications, VMs and devices from one place with powerful access controls

  • Delegate Administrator access to one or many M365 workloads and functions based on role and scope of support
  • Apply restrictions on Password Reset, Azure VM Management, SharePoint site access management, Teams administration, and more
  • Promote the use of a “least privilege” access model by consistently enforcing function and workload across all Microsoft 365 and Azure

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