Service Automation

Perform multiple license and attribute assignments across any number of users

  • ManageX™‘s batch automation provisioning engine enables your team to push bulk updates to any number of end users, for any Microsoft 365 service, in a few simple mouse clicks.
  • Easily Update any number of users licenses, assignments, and attributes for any Microsoft 365 service
  • Apply bulk updates for tenant policies and configurations across any number of tenants with simple mouse clicks
  • Eliminate the need for your IT Administrators to have deep PowerShell knowledge to drive automation through ManageX™‘s SuperClick™ functionality


Easily manage users, devices and VMs across all Microsoft 365 and Azure services to drive Service Automation

  • Streamlines daily Microsoft 365 and Azure administration tasks through a highly intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Simplify the complexity of managing multiple Microsoft 365 and Azure services across multiple tenants, each with varying configurations and requirements, through the ManageX platform.
  • Consolidate the various administration portals and daily management tasks for all Microsoft 365 and Azure services into a single management platform 
  • Enable low level support staff to be highly efficient with little to no knowledge of the Microsoft admin portals through the ManageX Platform

Manage multiple SaaS applications, VMs and devices from one place with powerful access controls

  • Delegate Administrator access to one or many Microsoft 365 workloads and functions based on role and scope of support
  • Apply restrictions on Password Reset, Azure VM Management, SharePoint site access management, Teams administration, and more with simple mouse clicks
  • Promote the use of a “least privilege” access model by consistently enforcing function and workload rights across all Microsoft 365 and Azure services

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