User Identity Management

Manage all on-premise and cloud user identities of every customer through a "Single Pane Of Glass" administration portal

The ManageX platform has the uniquely capability of managing any user identity type, either sourced from Active Directory (AD) or Azure AD.  This hybrid identity management capability  allows you to easily manage all of your cloud only and hybrid cloud customers from one administration console. Combined with Single Sign-On solutions, ManageX enables end-to-end hybrid user identity life cycle management regardless of where the user identity is sourced from.

Simplify management of user identities, group memberships, permissions and more…

The ManageX™ platform’s identity management capabilities range from user provisioning and offboarding, to daily changes likes password resets, attribute updates and permissions changes. Whether in the cloud or in on premise AD, IT administrators can easily manage user identities and groups, wherever they reside.

Full Active Directory integration with all of your Microsoft cloud applications

At Nuvolex, we’ve adopted the exact same style of user management you’re used to with AD and have extended that management experience into the cloud. With the ManageX platform, you can easily manage cloud-based Security and Distribution Groups as well as Organizational Unit (OU) Hierarchies the same way you’ve always managed in AD—and you can do it right from the ManageX platform. We support several different AD topology scenarios to meet your IT organization’s administration needs.