License Management

Flexible license management

Out-of-the-box SaaS license administration capabilities are not designed to easily manage complex organizations. Not the case with the Nuvolex platform.  We provide flexible licensing functionality, allowing you to easily license unlimited numbers of users based on your organization’s unique needs.  Your IT staff can use Active Directory domains, Organizational Units, or groups to easily add, remove and modify user licenses – all done with simple mouse clicks.  Assigning one or 100k+ licenses is now as easy is dropping users into an OU.  The appropriate licenses and attributes are automatically applied.  IT’s that simple.


Bulk license provisioning

With the Office 365 administration portal, licenses and plans must be added individually or automated through PowerShell scripts. After initial license assignment, modifications to users and licenses require additional manual or scripted effort.

Enter SuperClick, the batch licensing and attribute automation engine. With SuperClick your team can automatically assign and modify any number of licenses and their associated attributes in bulk, as well as remove license plans without the need for PowerShell scripts.

Delegate license management across your Office 365 environment

The Microsoft Office 365 administration portal wasn’t designed to handle delegated license management, a problem that becomes magnified when managing multiple tenants or many organizational groups.

Nuvolex enables delegated license management that fits your organizational model. Empower your staff to manage the distribution of the licenses for each business unit you define based on OU, tenant, or other attributes.

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