Auditing & Reporting

Gain Visibility to Service Usage and Configuration

  • ManageX™ aggregates configuration and usage data for all your Microsoft 365 and Azure customers into a single place.
  • ManageX™ helps you discover potential security gaps and take action to secure your applications.
  • With this information, IT Administrators can optimize license and resource allocation while saving you money.

Audit Administrator Activity

  • ManageX™ gives the comprehensive view of administrator activity across your applications so you can meet the compliance requirements of your business.
  • ManageX™ automatically captures all action taken in exportable activity logs, enabling you to discover rogue administrators and document regulatory compliance.

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities

  • ManageX™ provides out-of the box report to help streamline day-to-day administration
  • ManageX™ provides the flexibility to generate custom reports on demand
  • ManageX™ surfaces critical insights that help your team make informed, data-driven decisions