Multitenant Management

Manage all your Microsoft 365 and Azure customers from a single administration portal

Using the ManageX Multitenant XaaS Management Platform, Service Providers can manage all end customer tenants from a single administration portal. With ManageX‘s intuitive “Single Pane of Glass” administration console, IT administrators can easily move from tenant to tenant, quickly resolving Microsoft 365 and Azure service requests made by numerous end customers.  The ManageX multitenant management capability enables your IT administrators to be highly responsive and ensures fast turnaround time for service request remediation.

Delegate very granular IT administrator access rights to one or many end customer tenants across all Microsoft 365 and Azure Services

Assigning granular IT administrator access rights across one or many customer tenants makes sense for security reasons, but is not easy to do. If an administrator gains access to users and data that they shouldn’t have access to, those customers are open to a number of security risks.

The ManageX platform controls privileged access by enabling you to enforce consistent administrative access rights for each Microsoft 365 and Azure service consumed by your end customers. Easily assign administrator access rights to a single IT administrator or administrator groups on a service by service basis.

Get full visibility into the Microsoft 365 and Azure tenants you manage

Gain helpful and detailed insights into all end customer tenants that your organization manages.  Run reports across multiple Microsoft 365 and Azure tenants to get a single consolidated report with data and metrics from your entire managed customer base. In just a few clicks you can have a complete view of Microsoft 365 metrics, security posturing as well as Azure usage for all your managed customers – helping optimize your customers’ cloud services spend.

Push Microsoft 365 and Azure configuration changes across any number of customer tenants with simple mouse clicks

ManageX™’s Multitenant SuperClick™ batch automation engine gives you the ability to push multiple Microsoft 365 service configuration changes (auditing settings, password policies…) to any number of end customer tenants in just a few mouse clicks. You can also save Microsoft 365 service configurations as a template to reuse later to quickly implement consistent and compliant configuration policies for all the end customer tenants you manage.