Multitenant Management

Achieve true Multitenant Management for all your Microsoft 365 and Azure customers from a single administration portal

  • Manage any number of Microsoft 365 tenants from an intuitive “Single Pane of Glass” administration console
  • Easily move from tenant to tenant, without requiring tenant login credentials to quickly resolve Microsoft 365 and Azure service requests
  • Manage all users, mailboxes, licenses, devices and VMs across all tenants
  • Enable your IT administrators to be highly responsive and ensure fast turnaround time

Push Microsoft 365 and Azure configuration changes across any number of customer tenants with simple mouse clicks

  • Ability to push multiple Microsoft 365 service configuration changes to any number of end customer tenants in just a few mouse clicks
  • Apply bulk tenant level configurations for Azure AD, Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive, Intune and other Microsoft Cloud Services
  • Save Microsoft 365 service configurations as a template to ensure consistent and compliant configuration policies for all the end customer tenants you manage
  • Apply custom PowerShell scripts across any number of tenants in a few clicks

Delegate granular IT administrator access rights to one or many end customer tenants across all Microsoft 365 and Azure Services

  • Improve security with granular IT administrator access rights across one or many tenants
  • Enforce consistent administrative access rights across tenants
  • Reduce security risks while improving efficiency
  • Flexible access rights assignment to tenants, actions, and workloads allow for greater protection of customer data
  • Support for “co-managed” scenarios

Get full visibility into the Microsoft 365 and Azure tenants you manage

  • View a single consolidated report to gain insight into your tenants usage, metrics and licensing 
  • Discover Cross-Tenant licensing metrics to ensure that your tenants do not have unused licenses they are paying for 
  • Gain valuable insight into all of your tenants data to drive increased security and lower TCO of your tenants Microsoft Cloud Services