Advanced Role-Based Access Control

Customize Privileged Access Roles for Each IT Administrator

  • ManageX allows you to define granular administrative roles for each of your IT administrators 
  • Enforce strong and consistent access controls, spanning across SaaS and IaaS providers 
  • ManageX role-based access controls (RBAC) protects your organization and end customers  

Administrator Rights to AD Domains and OU Structures

  • You can leverage your existing AD Organizational Unit and AD Domain structures to distribute IT administrator access rights
  • Apply delegation and access consistently through cloud-based Group Policy (GPO)

Assign Access Rights to Administrative Actions

  • Specifically define the services and actions an IT administrator is permitted to take
  • Restrict IT administrators from access to one or many specific SaaS or IaaS workloads or from functions such as resetting passwords, managing groups and assigning licenses
  • Adhere to the principle of “least privilege” access across Microsoft 365 and Azure VMs