Nuvolex ManageX™ for Enterprise

Overcoming the complexity and inefficiency of Cloud Service Delivery and daily administration

Delivering Microsoft cloud managed services to large organizations can represent a significant amount of cloud administrative complexity for a Service Provider’s IT support staff. There are a number of contributors which can result in slow service remediation response times by IT staff and costly errors:

  • Large numbers of users, VMs and devices to be managed
  • Users distributed across multiple business units, tenants, AD domains and global locations
  • Users base consumes a wide range of Microsoft 365 and Azure services
  • Multiple IT administrator levels with defined roles and granular administrative access rights for each Microsoft 365 workload and each Azure service.

At Nuvolex, we crafted our Multitenant XaaS Management Platform to simplify IT administration for even the most complex, globally distributed organizations. With the ManageX platform, all user identities, Microsoft 365 workloads, Intune managed devices and Azure VMs coexist within the same “Single Pane of Glass” administrative console.  This unified view is represented in a very elegant and intuitive way, allowing IT staff to very efficiently and cost effectively manage multiple Microsoft 365 cloud services, end user devices and Azure infrastructure concurrently.

Taking advantage of the ManageX Advanced Role Based Access Control delegation capability, each IT administrator can be given very clear and controlled responsibility for managing specific customer users, devices, cloud services and Azure VMs.

Service Automation

Delivering managed cloud services to Enterprise customers comes with the challenge of keeping pace with end user service requests while also working on more complex IT projects and implementing new cloud services.

Daily Microsoft 365 and Azure administrative tasks can range from user administration tasks, device troubleshooting and configuration or even provisioning new VMs. Typically, each task requires either manual IT administration or the creation of complex scripts to bulk update numerous users, devices, or VMs.

ManageX automates and streamlines the most common daily administrative tasks across the entire Microsoft cloud stack, allowing IT administrators to remediate a much larger number of service requests in much less time with very minimal effort. IT administrators can manage licenses, on board new users, provision new devices and VMs and make any changes to Microsoft 365 services just a few simple mouse clicks.

Privileged Access Management for Microsoft 365 and Azure

At Nuvolex, we believe in providing extensive administrative control capability to Cloud Service Providers and System Integrators to improve the efficiency and security of how they manage their enterprise customers. Privileged access management helps Cloud Service Providers and System Integrators maintain the appropriate level of security and compliance that is required by these enterprise customers without having to change governance policies or internal security controls.

We provide customized Role-Based Access Controls that ensure appropriate levels of consistent administrator access to your enterprise customers and the Microsoft 365 cloud services and Azure infrastructure services they consume. ManageX™ tenant, AD domain, and OU role-based access controls allow you to delegate administrator access to any organizational segment of users and devices ensuring that IT administrators execute only the functions required to do their jobs.

Manage all user identities, cloud applications, devices and Azure infrastructure for all of your Microsoft customers using the ManageX™ “Single Pane of Glass” administration platform

The ManageX platform uniquely aggregates multiple end customer tenants and all the cloud services they consume into a single management console. IT administrators can now easily manage all customers’ end users, licenses, groups, devices, services and cloud infrastructure with simple mouse clicks. Along with unified administration across all managed customer tenants, IT organizations can also now unify administrator access and control of these same customer tenants using only simple button clicks.