About Us

Who is Nuvolex?

We’re the IT industry’s most advanced Multitenant SaaS Management Platform. 

With Nuvolex’s ManageX Platform, IT organizations can simplify SaaS, IaaS and Device management across an unlimited number of tenants. In doing so, IT organizations can streamline their service remediation and delivery of the SaaS, IaaS and Devices they manage; dramatically lowering your TCO and management costs for those services.

You can manage an unlimited number of tenants, user objects and licenses concurrently — all done from a Single Pane of Glass administration portal.

You needed it, so we built it

We started Nuvolex because we saw a major challenge arising within IT Organizations with the growth in Public Cloud service adoption.  The challenge was how to quickly and cost-effectively manage Public Cloud Services for any sized organization across all SaaS/IaaS/Device deployments. The application administration portals and management tools available from these SaaS/IaaS/Device vendors didn’t provide a concurrent and holistic management experience across all tenants. It was also very difficult to delegate administrator access rights across multiple users, tenants and administrative privileges.

Conducting these and other tasks when managing large numbers of tenants and the Public Cloud services they consume was causing service desk escalations and dramatically increasing the cost of managing these services . We witnessed staff spending countless hours performing laborious, repetitive administrative tasks as they tried to manage user profiles and licenses one at a time across different Cloud Services. As a result, Help Desk escalations to senior IT staff continued to climb, incurring extra costs and preventing the most valued IT resources from focusing on more complex projects and support activities.

And so Nuvolex was born.

We’re a company of passionate entrepreneurs with many years of real-world experience in IT, enterprise software, start-up business and venture capital under our belts. We built what we describe as an enterprise-class Multitenant SaaS Management Platform. We created the ManageX Platform to solve what we anticipated would be a significant, growing problem within IT Organizations, regardless of company size, as they continually deployed and managed more and more SaaS/IaaS/Device applications.

That day has arrived.

Designed to scale

We designed the ManageX platform for organizations that need to easily and cost-effectively manage large numbers of tenants, identities, licenses, and workloads but don’t want to write complex scripts to heavily automate daily administration.

Our strong domain knowledge and early customer involvement allowed us to develop Nuvolex into the highly intuitive, powerful, and scalable SaaS management platform that it is today. As an extremely feedback driven organization, our customers have enabled us to produce the most powerful platform on the market. As a result, IT organizations are now seeing significant reductions in their public cloud service IT support costs.

What we have today is just the tip of the iceberg here at Nuvolex. We’ll be continually adding more features and cloud services to our multitenant management portal. Contact us at sales@nuvolex.com for a free trial or a demo today.