Frequently Asked Questions

XaaS or “Anything-as-a-Service” refers to the growing diversity of applications available via cloud computing as opposed to applications being provided on premises. The Nuvolex platform is a “Single Pane of Glass” multitenant administration console used to manage any cloud services that your customers are consuming, starting with the Microsoft cloud stack.  Whether you need to manage Azure VMs, user identities, Teams collaboration, or Windows 10 desktops or any other cloud workload from Microsoft,  Nuvolex has you covered through a highly automated and extremely intuitive  cloud administration console.

The Nuvolex platform is offered as a SaaS solution that is hosted on Azure and supported by the Nuvolex team. Simply sign up for a Nuvolex Account, onboard all the Office 365 tenants you manage, create Nuvolex IT Administrator accounts for your support team, and that’s it! There’s no complex deployment service or onboarding process required in order to get up and running on the Nuvolex platform.

  • Azure AD
  • On premise Active Directory
  • Exchange Online
  • SharePoint Online
  • Skype for Business
  • Teams
  • OneDrive
  • Intune
  • Azure

Not at all. The Nuvolex platform is built to handle any kind of tenant configuration.

You can be up and running on the Nuvolex platform in under one hour. You only need to perform two main setup tasks to get started: 1) onboard any number of Office 365 tenants that you plan to manage on the Nuvolex platform, and 2) and create IT Administrator accounts for each member of your support team. Of course, there are additional advanced configurations you can add, such as Organizational Unit automated policy assignments and integration with on premise AD.  However, these are not requirements to getting started.

Absolutely not! Many large enterprises as well as Government and Educational institutions that have larger volumes of users and/or tenants struggle with daily administration of the Microsoft cloud stack. Nuvolex easily solves these cloud management challenges across multiple industry verticals.

First, you need to contact Nuvolex sales HERE to provision a new Nuvolex account. Once your account has been activated, you will need at least one Office 365 tenant with valid licenses. Login to your new Nuvolex Account, onboard as many tenants as needed and then create Nuvolex Administrator accounts for each member of your support team.

Reach out to between the hours of 8am-6pm PST, Monday through Friday. 

No PowerShell knowledge is required to use the Nuvolex platform – EVER! The Nuvolex platform replaces the need to create complex PowerShell scripts for automating Office 365 management.

There are no limits on the number of tenants you can manage on the platform. The Nuvolex platform is a multitenant management console that can handle any number of Office 365 tenants.

Yes, each member of your team should have their own Nuvolex Admin Account to apply RBAC and to take advantage of the built in Auditing capabilities. Not to mention, shared accounts are NOT a best practice! 

The Nuvolex platform authenticates to your tenant using a Global Administrator user account that is provided by you, and a service principal that the Nuvolex application creates in your Azure AD tenant.

You can use the Nuvolex platform to easily manage any license SKUs and assignments for licenses available in the Office 365 tenants that you are managing.

No, you will need purchase new or additional licenses for an Office 365 tenant either through your software distributor or directly from Microsoft. Once the new licenses are added to a tenant, you can use the Nuvolex platform to easily assign those new licenses to users.


The Nuvolex platform uses a proprietary software Agent to connect to your AD environment. It’s a very simple installation that takes less than a minute. Learn more by visiting the User Identity Management page


There should not be any environmental changes required to use the Nuvolex AD Agent. Occasionally customers need to modify firewall rules since the Agent communicates externally using HTTPS. Most of the time the HTTPS port is open and configured to accept external traffic.


No, the AD Agent installation is not required. However, if you want manage on premise AD user identities from the Nuvolex platform (suggested), you will need to install the Nuvolex AD Agent for each tenant’s AD user identities that you plan to manage.


Yes, you can make various configuration changes to all of Microsoft’s cloud workloads using the Nuvolex platform. You can also easily make changes across multiple tenants, for more details check out the Multitenant Management page


The Nuvolex platform has support for all the current Group types supported in both Azure AD and on premise AD.

You can easily view and manage any device that is enrolled in a tenants Intune service. The Nuvolex platform supports various device actions and will also display specific device details.

Yes, you can manage any number of Azure Resource Manager VMs on the Nuvolex platform. Please note, the Nuvolex platform does not support any classic Azure VMs.

The Nuvolex platform tracks all Nuvolex Administrator activity. Check out the Audit & Compliance page for more information.

Yes, the Nuvolex platform is integrated with Azure AD SSO. You can use your Office 365 username and password to authenticate to the Nuvolex platform.

Depending on how you have configured your Azure AD services, you can force Nuvolex authentications to require a second step before the user is logged in. Consider looking into Azure AD Conditional Access policies to learn more.

No, the Nuvolex platform does not touch end customer billing or financials.


The Nuvolex platform currently does not support PSA integrations.

Yes, the Nuvolex platform supports end customer usage scenarios that enable you to give your end users Conditional Access to the Nuvolex platform to “self-manage” with full oversight.

The Nuvolex platform is hosted entirely in Azure.

The Nuvolex platform is updated once per month (on average), supporting new features and cloud services with each new release.

Yes, the Nuvolex platform supports a public facing API that enables you to connect Nuvolex into custom workflows, ITSM tools and various other use case scenarios. To learn more, reach out to developer community team at