Frequently Asked Questions

The ManageX platform isoffered as a SaaS solution that is hosted on Azure and supported by the Nuvolex team. Simply sign up for a ManageX Account, onboard all the Microsoft 365 tenants you manage, create ManageX IT Administrator accounts for your support team, and that’s it! There’s no complex deployment service or onboarding process required in order to get up and running on the ManageX platform. If you have any tenants that are synchronized with Active Directory, you can install our AD agent and remotely manage all AD users from the same ManageX platform.  

  • Azure AD
  • On-premises Active Directory
  • Exchange Online
  • SharePoint Online
  • Teams
  • OneDrive
  • Intune
  • Azure VMs

Not at all. The ManageX platform is built to handle any kind of tenant configuration.

You can easily be up and running on the ManageX platform in less than one hour.  You only need to perform two main setup tasks to get started:

1) Onboard your Microsoft 365 tenants to the ManageX platform

2) Create Administrator accounts for each member of your IT Support team that will be using ManageX.

Of course, there are additional advanced configurations you can add with the ManageX platform, such as Organizational Unit automated policy assignments and integration with on-premises AD.  However, these are not requirements to getting started.

Absolutely not! Many large enterprises as well as Government and Educational institutions that have larger volumes of users and one or many Microsoft 365 tenants are great candidates for the ManageX platform.  If your IT Service Desk team struggles with daily administration of the Microsoft cloud stack, the ManageX platform easily solves these cloud management challenges that are found across any industry vertical.

First, you need to contact Nuvolex sales HERE to provision a new ManageX account.  Once your account has been activated, you will need at least one Microsoft 365 tenant with valid Exchange licenses.  Login to your new ManageX Account, onboard as many tenants as you want to manage on the platform, and then create ManageX administrator accounts for each member of your IT support team.

No PowerShell knowledge is required to use the ManageX platform – EVER!  The ManageX platform replaces the need to create complex PowerShell scripts for automating Microsoft 365 management.  Having said that, if you do have a number of PowerShell scripts that you’d like to continue to use but in a much more “push button” fashion, you can easily import any user or tenant level PowerShell scripts right into ManageX.

There are no limits on the number of Microsoft 365 tenants or Users you can manage on the platform. The ManageX platform is a multitenant management console that can handle any number of Microsoft 365 tenants and scale to support any number of Users.

Yes, any member of your IT team that plans to use the platform will be required to have their own ManageX administrator  account.  This also applies to any “Customer Administrators” that you allow access to when using ManageX.  This will allow you to take advantage of our advanced Role Based Access Control capabilities, controlling administrator access rights.  It also allows you to take advantage of the built in administrator auditing capabilities of the platform.  Once you have set up all of your IT administrators on the ManageX platform, you’ll no longer have to give out Global Administrator credentials or AD administrator credentials – which creates a significant security risk!

The ManageX platform authenticates to your Microsoft 365 tenant using a combination of Microsoft Graph API and PowerShell that leverages Azure AD Applications. The Azure AD apps enable the ManageX platform to authenticate to your tenant using OAuth2 and Certificate Based Authentication. During the ManageX tenant onboarding process, you will be required to register an Azure AD application in your tenant. This is an automated process that is completed in a single click. Once the Azure AD app is registered in your tenant, the ManageX platform is able to authenticate to your tenant.

You can use the ManageX platform to easily manage any Microsoft 365 license SKUs and assignments for licenses available in the Microsoft 365 tenants that you are managing.

No, you will need purchase new or additional licenses for a Microsoft 365 tenant either through an authorized Microsoft Distributor or directly from Microsoft. Once the new licenses are added to a tenant, you can use the ManageX platform to easily assign those new licenses to users.

The ManageX platform uses a proprietary software Agent to connect to your AD environment. It’s a very simple installation process to connect with your AD environment.  Learn more by visiting the User Identity Management page on the Nuvolex website.


There should not be any environmental changes required to use the ManageX AD Agent. Occasionally customers need to modify firewall rules since the Agent communicates externally using HTTPS. Most of the time the HTTPS port is open and configured to accept external traffic.


Yes, you can make various configuration changes to all of Microsoft’s cloud workloads using the ManageX platform.  You can also easily make changes across multiple tenants, for more details check out the Multitenant Management page.

The ManageX platform has support for all the current Group types supported in both Azure AD and on-premises AD.

You can easily view and manage any device that is enrolled in a Microsoft 365 tenant’s Intune service. The ManageX platform supports various device actions and will also display specific device details.

Yes, you can manage any number of Azure Resource Manager (ARM) VMs on the ManageX platform. Please note, the ManageX platform does not support any classic Azure VMs.

The ManageX platform tracks and audits the activities of all IT Administrators that are using the ManageX platform. Anytime an IT Administrator from your team does anything on the ManageX platform, an auditing event is added to our audit log. The auditing on the ManageX platform is automatic and out of the box meaning you do not need to enable auditing functionality and the auditing cannot be disabled or removed.

Yes, the ManageX platform is integrated with Azure AD SSO. You can use your Microsoft 365 username and password to authenticate to the ManageX platform.

The ManageX platform uses Azure AD SSO for all platform sign-in purposes. Depending on how you have configured your Azure AD services, you can force your IT administrators to use MFA when signing into the ManageX platform. Consider looking into Azure AD Conditional Access policies to learn more.

No, the ManageX platform does not handle end customer billing.

Yes, the ManageX platform supports a “Co-Managed” services delivery model that enable you to give your customers controlled access rights to their specific Microsoft 365 tenant on the ManageX platform. This “self-manage” capability also comes with full customer administrator oversight via the ManageX Audit Log feature.

There is only one requirement for onboarding an Microsoft 365 tenant to the ManageX platform. The Microsoft 365 tenant has to have at least one valid Exchange Online subscription. The ManageX automated tenant onboarding process calls Exchange Online functions which will fail if no valid Exchange Online subscriptions are present in the tenant being onboarded.

Yes! The ManageX platform provides the ability to apply scripts directly to one or many users (in bulk) or across multiple Microsoft 365 tenants. You can upload any Microsoft 365 PowerShell scripts to the ManageX platform where they are saved in a PowerShell Scripts library that is private to your ManageX Account. Once uploaded to your PS Scripts library, you can launch the PS Scripts on Users using SuperClick or across tenants using Multitenant SuperClick. With our scripting approach, the ManageX platform does all the heavy lifting and allows you to extend the functionality of ManageX very easily.  

The ManageX tenant onboarding process is simple and automated. You have two choices for onboarding Microsoft 365 tenants to the ManageX platform: Induvidual tenant onboarding, or bulk tenant onboarding.

Induvidual tenant onboarding required you to have access to a Global Admin account in the tenant you wish to onboard. Using the Global Admin account, you will need to register an Azure AD app in your tenant to start the automated onboarding process. Once the Azure AD app is registered in your tenant, the ManageX tenant onboarding process takes care of the rest. There is a tenant onboarding wizard that guides you through this simple process.

Bulk tenant onboarding is available to Microsoft CSPs that have customer Microsoft 365 tenants to onboard to the ManageX platform. The bulk tenant onboarding process requires you to have an Administrator login to your CSP partner account. An Azure AD app is registered in your Partner tenant to enable you to onboard all customers to the ManageX platform. Bulk tenant onboarding is easy, automated and is the best way for Microsoft CSPs to get up and running on the ManageX platform.

Yes! You can manage your users regardless of where they are sourced with full write back to either location. The ManageX platform integrates directly into Azure AD to manage cloud-based users. For on-premises AD users, the ManageX platform provides an AD Agent that is used to query on-premises AD and make changes to AD users, groups, OUs, and you can even provision new AD users right from the ManageX platform. This is especially powerful if you have tenant with a mixed environment where you have users in the cloud, as well as on-premises.