Workflow Automation

Bulk License and Attribute Assignments

  • ManageX‘s batch automation provisioning engine enables your team to push bulk updates
  • Apply bulk updates for Microsoft 365 and Intune configurations and policies across tenants 
  • Eliminate the need for IT administrators to have deep PowerShell or scripting knowledge to drive automation through ManageX‘s SuperClick functionality

Manage Microsoft 365 Users, Devices and Azure VMs

  • Streamline daily administration tasks through a unified managment console 
  • Consolidate the various administration portals and daily management tasks for all Microsoft 365 workloads into a single management console
  • Empower service desk administrators to remediate the majority of requests using simple mouse clicks

Turning PowerShell Scripts into Button Clicks

  • Use your existing PowerShell scripts to customize and extend the functionality of the ManageX platform 
  • Templatize your PowerShell scripts into easily executable clicks for your Service Desk
  • Enable Service Desk administrators to execute your PowerShell scripts without granting code access
  • Control administrator access rights to the PowerShell script templates