Nuvolex Partner Program

Why Partner with Nuvolex?

Nuvolex provides companies of all types unique ways to partner and utilize the ManageX platform to drive profitability, automation and efficiency. 

ISV Partners

  • ISVs can integrate ManageX™‘s powerful Multitenant XaaS Management Engine right within their own applications.
  • Get deep integrations with the entire Microsoft cloud stack as well as extensive automated workflows that can easily support daily administration.
  • Your application can gain Microsoft cross-service support quickly and through a single uniform API. 
  • Rather than having to build integrations to each market leading SaaS application, Partners can leverage the full power of ManageX™from a single endpoint.

Channel Partners

  • Nuvolex ManageX™ is a key component of how CSP’s  and SI’s can drive profitably within their Microsoft Cloud Managed Services Business. 
  • ManageX™ enables Service Providers to cost effectively manage the Microsoft Cloud Stack.
  • ManageX™ allows Service Providers to open additional revenue streams through reselling the platform
  • With attractive profit margins, Nuvolex ManageX™ can significantly impact your overall business